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5/14/2023 Testing Groups

Today's testing was on Mother's Day. Many families came to support the testers! We are thankful for the amount of people who came to support the testers. Happy Mother's Day! Thank you for all TA volunteers for judging all the testers.

Rian Mittal Kids White Purple Belt

Bryan Xiao Yellow Black Belt

Andrew Carr Yellow Black Belt

Emma Erickson Yellow Black Belt

Ian Goodger Yellow Black Belt

Ayaan Khandelwal Yellow Black Belt

Yikai Chen Yellow Black Belt

Ayush Sriraj Green Black Belt

Jayden Yan Green Black Belt

Pragya Viswanathan Purple Black Belt

Nathan Yu Blue Belt

Aparajita Sinha Brown Black Belt

Nathan Carr Orange Black Belt

Allen Li Orange Black Belt

Justin Jiang Orange Black Belt

Colin Ye Red Belt

Eddie Fu Red Belt

Luohe Zha Red Belt

Frank Hofer Red Black Belt

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