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2024 Tiger Claw Elite Championship

On Sunday May 5th, 2024 many SKZ students went to the South Hall on Market Street to participate in the Tiger Claw tournament. Staff and students all showed up early to register and begin. As more and more people started filling up the venue, staff began announcing for competitors to enter the rings and the competitions finally began. Rings 5 and 6 started first which accommodated most of the beginner level competitors first. Soon, the other rings began to open up for first timers, intermediate and advanced.

Two SKZ members had volunteered to take part as judges in rings 3 and 4. These were among the most busy rings in the venue.

Our competitors all did very well, they had cheering for each other and performed well to the best of their ability. Their cheers for each other could be heard from across the venue which let everyone know of our school spirit.

Justin Lai, one of our competitors entered in the advanced division and was able to win the title of Grand Champion. This is a title given to an individual and advanced player who’s average score across three forms is the highest within their division.

Congratulations on becoming Grand Champion for the Tiger Claw tournament, Justin! We look forward to your performance in the upcoming Golden State tournament!

To all the competitors who participated, we commend you for showing up and conquering your fears. You showed up, performed your hearts out, and gained great experience. If you didn’t get the result you would have liked, there’s always next year.

To all the parents, thank you for supporting your children through this endeavor. These tournaments always prove to be major milestones in their growth and your role has fostered that.


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