Karen Nakanishi

My name is Karen Nakanishi, I am 15 years old, and I have been doing Kung Fu for 9 years. I’m in my junior year of high school and am excited to continue Kung Fu in the future.

Kung Fu has definitely allowed me to become more outgoing and confident in myself. Before, I was more reserved and didn’t stand out or go out of my way to talk to new people. Now I love to meet new people and have more confidence, I like standing out more and being unique.

I started Kung Fu when I was 6 years old in September of 2010. It’s been 9 years since that day, and I’ve significantly changed as a result. Before I took Kung Fu, I was extremely shy and had a lot of trouble starting a conversation with anyone, so when I took my first class, I was too scared to talk or even smile throughout the entire class. The younger me has matured through the years and I’m still in a period of self-improvement.

Through my time here at the studio, I’ve gained confidence in myself and my social skills have drastically improved. Thanks to my boost in my self-confidence, I enjoy meeting new people and expanding my web of connections by communicating with others. I’ve learned that it is not what others say about me that make up who I am, but rather, how much I believe in myself and know my self-worth. Thanks to Kung Fu, I’ve been able to attend tournaments and meet amazing determined individuals, as well as have the opportunity to showcase our team’s skills at performances such as the Wine and Art festival and school cultural heritage events. Gaining all this experience, my ability to interact with others has improved a lot and I am much more comfortable in social situations.

These skills are not just limited to people involved in the Kung Fu community, but at school, group assignments and being thrown into new environments doesn’t affect me anymore and I can be proud of my improvement in the communication field. Among my family, I can convey my thoughts much better and the overall connection within our family has positively changed.

In the end, Kung Fu does not only help one’s physical strength and flexibility, but it also helps strengthen the mind and has helped me and my social skills. Never be scared to introduce yourself to a stranger because they can potentially become your closest friend. If you don’t try, then you’ll never have an opportunity to succeed.


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