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Kungfu at Enlighten Summer Camp 2023(7th of7)

We’re on our final week of Kungfu at Enlighten Summer Camp. This class is a rather large group with 11 students made up of 5 boys and 6 girls.

This group has a large number of eager and intelligent students. As one of the most anticipated Kungfu classes of the summer, the students of this group are more excited about this week’s main subject than some of the previous classes.

The students are much more hyped and energetic with the class reaching its conclusion. This week’s main project was the broadsword. Due to the original broadsword form being too difficult for younger students, a completely new broadsword form was designed for the sake of the class.

The students were still excited to learn the broadsword form regardless. Many of the students voiced their opinion on how cool they thought the Broadsword is. Out of all the classes we’ve had, the students were most vocal about their excitement for the broadsword. Thank you to anyone who enjoyed our summer events. We look forward to next year!


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