Noah Liu

I’m Noah Liu, an 8th grade student who has been doing Kung Fu for around 5 years. I am a hardworking student who does many different activities. I hope to do very well on the test and will try my best.

My learning experience over the years has been great. I have learned to try my hardest in what I do, and to always seek to improve. I have gotten much stronger as well, and am proud of my accomplishments.

I don’t have the best of memories, so I can’t remember what was going through my mind when I decided to start Kung Fu. Over 5 years ago, I decided to join. It’s a miracle that I can even remember it was 5 years. I can’t be sure of much, but I can be sure I enjoyed it from the start. Not only was it enjoyable, but it also had and still has many great pluses to doing it. Kung Fu has had many great impacts on me, whether it be mentally or physically. It has done this in many ways, just one of them being training. I have tried to stay active in Kung Fu, despite my long break recently, and have tried harder and harder in class as the years went on. I can confidently say that Kung Fu had an impact on my work habits and how active I am.

Now, I'm not the most hard-working kid out there. I have been known to procrastinate for long periods of time. When I put my head down and work, however, I can get things done quickly. When I have a drive, there is a way. I can attribute this drive partly to Kung Fu. As the years went on, I realized I wouldn't get as many enefits, if I didn’t

work as hard. I slowly started to put more energy in class, with the help of the teachers, and to try not to do half a stance or put half as much energy in. I tried to put my all, and that surely affected my overall working idea. I am proud of that change and don’t want to put it to waste.

Also, I can say I’ve gotten physically stronger too. I have always been skinny. Even when I would eat tons of food, I was still skinny. One reason for this was constantly being active. I always try in Kung Fu, and the effects are noticeable. I am fit, lean, and staying skinny. I have also been able to do movements much quicker and sier as time went on.

Kung Fu is my main source of exercise, and helps me a lot. Kung Fu has helped me with their training habits in many ways. I can focus on things when I put my mind to it. I have gotten stronger physically and have been able to stay active. I appreciate Kung Fu, and want to thank everyone here for their help in that.

Thank you.

How did Kungfu benefit in your overall life?

My learning experience over the years has been great. I have learned to try my hardest in what I do and to always seek improvement. I have gotten much stronger as well and am proud of my accomplishments.

Thoughts on your own performance?

I think I did well throughout most of the test, but I did horribly on the Mabu. I don’t know why but I couldn’t stay put. I had one board resting on my leg for the full duration though.

Explain how you were feeling before, during and after the test.

I was feeling very nervous before the test. I thought my memory would go during a form or I would make a weird mistake. During the test, I did alright but I could have slowed down more. The anxiety went away though. After the test, I was a little disappointed with my Mabu, but overall I think I did well.


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