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43 Kung Fu Cultural Ambassadors Across 5 Schools

These last few weeks have been quite busy with rehearsals in preparation for the multi-cultural fairs across 5 different schools. Our students have been practicing every week to make their performances a success. On the day of their performances, they all showed mixed feelings of anxiety and excitement. These feelings are a natural part of growth and are invaluable towards their personal development.

The audience reaction was very positive and voiced their fascination and interest in Kungfu. The audience was amazed and at awe at the performance and approached the performers afterwards asking about Shaolin Kungfu. As a result, our goal of teaching people about Kungfu culture and what it represents was achieved.

After the performance, our performers were asked to reflect on their thoughts and feelings regarding the performance. Many were critical of their own performance and had opinions on how to improve. The ability to analyze and learn from mistakes is an extremely valuable skill and will help them continue developing as they grow.

Thank you to the students who participated in these multi-cultural fairs and thank you to the parents who showed them support throughout the event. We look forward to seeing you all during any upcoming Kungfu events in the future! Thank you!


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