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SKZ 9th Generation Black Belt  Advancement

Great news from SKZ! On March 24th 2019,4:00-6:00pm. we here at SKZ held our 9th generation Black Belt Advancement Test. This is historically the largest number of students testing for black belt at once in SKZ. With a total of 10 students testing, we were proud to see that they all passed and achieved what they have set out to accomplish. Students testing were Benson F., Cayden V., Kyle L., Samuel Z., Sophia V., Ayesha G., Fiora B., Justin L., Ethan C. and Gabriella V. Our testers displayed great feats of athleticism and academic ability. All of the testers competed in order to win over the judges favor and earn certificates validating their performances. The students were also judged on their ability to speak about their experiences and history with Kung Fu. Many of the audience members enjoyed participating and experiencing a small taste of Kung Fu through a Horse-Stance competition. At the end, everyone passed with flying colors and stayed longer to take commemorative pictures to forever record this major landmark in their lives. Please look forward to future growth of our black belts and black belts yet to be. We will be with you every step of the way!

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