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2018 SKZ Hello University

Six of our very own Kung Fu students volunteered to take part in the Hello University event. These students had graduated from high school and wanted to show their gratitude to SKZ by participating with their tight schedules. Unfortunately one of our students schedules were too constrained to take part in the event. Regardless, we thank all of them for volunteering and wish them all for a happy college and university experience.

Here at SKZ we are both happy and sad to experience our students leaving their nests into the open world. A number of our students have graduated high school and are setting off on the horizon known as college and university. These students who follow the path of academic pursuit will more likely find success now that they have learned to associate our teachings with everyday life.

These graduates have agreed to share their experiences and open themselves up to help other students achieve similar results in Kung Fu, school, and life.

Thuy Nguyen – Thuy mentioned that she will be entering in UC Berkeley with a major in Chemical Engineering. She plans on entering with an emphasis on pharmaceutical research in order to help others. Kung Fu has taught her to build self-discipline and stay diligent and resilient. Thuy’s desire to pursue knowledge in medical research follows the philosophy of fulfilling yourself by helping others.

Jacqueline Rin – Although Jacqueline was unable to attend the event. She still left some information to let everyone know that she was still here in spirit. Jacqueline is going to attend the University of San Francisco. She wishes to major in Veterinary Medicine. Kung Fu had helped her become more open minded and level headed. Her dream of helping animals follows our philosophy of fulfilling yourself by helping others.

Benjamin Bear – Benjamin was very vocal about his experience, dreams and aspirations. He made it very clear that his experience in Kung Fu wasn’t one dictated by learning self-defense but a path paved by hard work, discipline and responsibility. Benjamin plans ton going to Humboldt State University where he can further his education in Environmental Science and Management. Benjamin continues to follow our Kung Fu philosophy of fulfilling yourself by helping others.

James & Webster Mertke – Both James and Webster didn’t vocalize much but made it clear that Kung Fu improved their strength and social skills. Both of them are planning on entering Santa Clara University and both Majoring in Mechanical Engineering to follow in their father’s footsteps. Both have a strong desire to live a fun life and that is also important for a healthy lifestyle.

Tristan Garcia – Tristan talked mostly about how Kung Fu has changed his life. He talked about how Kung Fu helped him lose weight, gain confidence and enhanced his social skills. He offered a very relatable standpoint for many students getting into Kung Fu and his parents were pleased by the results. Tristan also talked a little about his entering Evergreen Valley College transferring into SSJU. He plans on majoring in Computer Science.

One of the parents had announced to everyone that they were amazed and grateful for how SKZ and staff has cultivated its students and molded them all into responsible adults with extremely promising futures.

This is something we’re always glad to hear from parents. We spend as much time as we can to get more involved with our students as possible. By participating in events, it helps their confidence and self-esteem. By having well organized and personalized classes we can explore a series of ideal methods of teaching until the most effective method is found for the individual.

When students pick up these techniques and apply them in everyday life, they enhance their overall success in school and everyday life. When students achieve their goals through Kung Fu, we’ll feel fulfilled from that accomplishment.

To our graduates, may you continue your Kung Fu lifestyle through University and beyond.


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