William Seng

My name is William Seng , and I’ve been going to SKZ since I was five years old. I am in 10th grade at Leigh High School. My other sports are Track and Field and Basketball.

Going to Kung Fu has improved my patience and discipline. It forced me to have determination to advance belt levels. It also improved my physical strength and agility, which helps me with other sports. I hope to continue learning Kung Fu as I get older.

My first experience with kung fu was when I was five years old, and my parents signed me up for kung fu through my after school program. Every monday, SKZ would go there at 5 o’clock, and teach kung fu for an hour. To be honest, I didn’t really know what I was doing, and only did it because my parents told me to. After two years of kung fu, I finally reached yellow belt right before the after school program closed. My parents then decided to send me to the SKZ studio. When I first joined the studio classes, I realized that I was about half a belt behind the rest of my class, so my first spurt of motivation was to quickly finish my green belt so I could catch up to the rest of my class. After a month of training, I was able to catch up to my class, and took the test with them. After I caught up to my class, I lost some of the motivation that I previously gained, since I didn’t have an incentive to put in extra work. This continued until I reached orange belt, since I had a lot of fun learning the new form. I finally realized how much I enjoyed kungfu, and it gave me motivation to start working hard again. That burst of motivation is still ongoing today, and is why I continue kungfu. As I got older, and gained more experience with kungfu, my motivation changed from my parents forcing me to practice, to self motivation to climb belt levels. As I continue to do kungfu, I hope to keep the same motivation that helped me get to this point.


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