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Lion Dance Performance in San Jose Almaden Library 2/4/2023

Lion Dance Performance in San Jose Almaden Library

Lion Team Members:

Felix L. Nathan S. Gordon J. Dakota R. Kara N. Ved K. (sick absence)

Thanks: Jo-Ann Wang & Parents of Students

We here at SKZ were invited to perform a lion dance at the Almaden Library & Community Center. Even when shrouded with lion costumes, our students were nervous about the performing in front of others. Despite their nerves, they were still able to display an exciting performance to welcome in the new year for our audience. Some people came specifically for the show while others were there to read and learn. Both people crowded around to watch the lion dance performance.

The audience was very excited with kids in front trying to hand red envelopes to the lions. Thank you to the students who volunteered and performed, thank you to the organizer who enabled us a venue to perform in, thank you to the parents of the performing students, and thank you to all those who watched our performance!


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