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SKZ CAMP 2nd Week 06/26/2023 → 06/30/2023

6/26/2023 Day-1

TA Gavin explaining the rules and the camp schedule for all of the students.

Signing in and getting familiar to the classroom. Getting a tour of our room.

Group photo with students and teachers

Group training, each student runs and practices together. Working hard every single day is a standard.

Individual practice and lunch. Each student works hard on their skills and eats a delicious meal afterwards

This week's form is shield and sword, the group trains hard in this loud and coordinated weapon form.

TA challenges the students in an activity that trains agility and reflexes.

Each student sends a powerful kick for practice.

Paper cutting! Our camp cuts a circle together

The paper flower each student made!

6/27/2023 Dday-2

Practicing hand eye coordination by hitting balloons.

Each student trains their acrobatics; practicing their backflip.

Team activity: All students line up on one jump rope together. If one person fails, everyone fails.

Jianzi, students practice kicking around the traditional toy for practice

Art process of the hand dragon. Each student cuts out the paper and colors it, making a dragon!

Group photo of everyone's work, very colorful and vivid!

Group photo of our camp form; sword and shield. Each student posing uniquely with a powerful stance.

6/28/2023 Day-3

Students practicing long jump while the TA measures their distance.

Chinese calligraphy is a very intricate art form, requiring proper hand form and brush strokes. Each and every student writes the word “专注”(meaning focus) with an inkbrush

Students pose with their fan with the word "focus" that they wrote.

A new fighting game where players control their puppets with strings; Attacking and defending, moving forward and moving back.

Hand made bow and arrows, although small, they are also incredibly powerful.

6/29/2023 Day-4

Our handmade bows, put to the test by students; who try to shoot as far as they can.

Dragon flag form in celebration of the Dragon Boat festival. This form is an elegant prize for the eyes. Students here are in ready position.

Paper Lantern cut out by our students. Each person cuts out the colorful red pattern representing festivity.

6/30/2023 Day-5

Students playing a new fighting game with Kungfu puppets. Each puppet poses with a Kungfu stance.

The summer camp showcase. At the end of each week students show their parents what they have made over the camp week.


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