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SKZ CAMP 3rd week 7/18-7/22/2022

One of our cultural activities this week was archery. We spent some time earlier in the week introducing the history and materials, and on our final day everyone got to try shooting the bow with a balloon connected that would pop on the target.

The cultural activity that took the longest is the decoration rope tying activity. We had to spread it out over 2 days to finish everything, but everyone finished their own project right on time. These decorations can be put on keychains or the wall of anywhere it can hang.

On our second day of camp, we got to make paper snowflakes! Each student learned how to fold and cut their paper using a practice one and once everyone finished, they got started on their final project! Each of the final designs are unique because they all designed their own final projects.

Not only do we have cultural activities, but also special forms that we don't teach in the regular curriculum such as this week's form: Double Dagger. This week we learned 4 different standard attacks with the dagger so that we could use them in the form.

During our morning class, we set aside a block of time for the students to practice individual review, where they are given a list of movements and must attempt each before marking how they did for that movement.


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