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SKZ CAMP 2nd week 7/11-7/15/2022


As an extra activity during lunch, our students were able to taste and experience some tea, a huge part of Kungfu culture. They all had some interesting feedback!


One of our many cultural activities include string tying! The students here worked incredibly hard on their keychains/bracelets.


Our other cultural activity was cutting paper. The students would fold the paper, draw a design and cut them out. Each shape is unique, and everyone did a very good job!


All of the students that participated in this camp listed above

The students here are very focused while practicing their calligraphy. This week's word is "zhuan zhu", the Chinese word meaning focus and diligence while doing something. Exactly what the students are doing。


Kungfu can be very tiring and a great exercise! Furthermore, during the summer it can be very hot and dry, so the students here need to drink plenty of water in order to carry on with the activities that follow!


As training for combat, students would often have a little spar with the teachers using pool noodles. This activity trains the reflexes and senses of the students as well as not hurting each other in any way. Safety First!


This week's main form is the Kungfu fan, although it might seem like fan used to cool down, however the fan actually does have many other applications that the students get to learn and try for themselves!

The students above, gathered around in a circle to listen about Kungfu culture.

Our registration list!


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