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SKZ CAMP 1st week 6/20-6/24/2022

2022 SKZ Kungfu Camp Bracelet Making
2022 SKZ Kungfu Camp Paper Cutting
2022 SKZ Camp Calligraphy Kungfu
2022 SKZ Kungfu Camp Bookmark
2022 SKZ Kungfu Camp Fun Time
2022 SKZ Kungfu Camp Pizza Time
2022 SKZ Kungfu Camp Tea Time
2022 SKZ Kungfu Camp Acrobatics Practice
2022 SKZ Kungfu Camp Rope Tying ABC Teaching steps
2022 SKZ Kungfu Camp Paper Cutting Teaching steps
2022 SKZ Kungfu Camp Bracelet making Teaching steps
2022 SKZ Kungfu Camp Combat Teaching Steps

This summer we are hosting an SKZ summer camp to learn about Kungfu and Kungfu culture! There are many different activities we do in addition to the regular class curriculum! The following is a review of our first successful week of summer camp!!!


One of the more popular activities was bracelet making. We used different ways of tying rope to make bracelets together, so now each student can take lots of rope with them making it a bracelet!

Click here to watch the Bracelet Making video


Another group favorite was the paper cutting activity! Paper cutting has been a large part of Chinese folk art since paper was made cheap enough to be widely used.


In order to wind down from the eventful day, we ended every day with some movie time before parents came to pick up their kids. The movie this week was Kungfu Panda 2!!!


Another important part of Chinese culture, calligraphy, was one of the first activities of the week. Each student carefully practiced both characters used for "Kung Fu" before moving on to using real ink to draw each character.


We even had fun during the more tiring exercise portion of class. In the combat section, everyone had a chance to use their learned skills to participate in a 6 vs 1 battle against a teacher!


Each student completed the form of the week, nunchaku, by the last day of camp. Once they showed the completed version, everyone got a completion certificate that they designed themselves!


We have lots of fun talking during lunch break! Everyone eats together while we take a break from camp activities!


First lesson of the day is how to handle different weapons and the proper way to hold them, walk, sit down, and hand them over.

Our first summer camp group is here! TOP: Brayden, Tiffany, Anvika, Advaitha BOTTOM: Nathan, Ayaansh, Carolyn

To start off our camp, we warm up outside while people are showing up and checking in.

Summer camp is starting on Monday, 6/20! There will be Kungfu practice and cultural activities for everyone during camp.

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