Wilson Hsieh/Christopher Look

October 26, 2013 Wilson Hsieh/August 16, 2014 Christopher Look

Black Belt Test Judge During Master Men’s stay here, she has been judge for a belt test showing a calm demeanor and broad understanding. At the conclusion of the test, she showed very practical understanding of the subject matter. Master Men had given very knowledgeable and relevant advice and criticism on how the students could improve and excel in their mainstream Kung Fu classes.

About Judge Master Ganhong Men:

Moon KH was born to a well known Wu Shu family and began learning Wu Shu at the age of five. After graduating from Beijing Sport University in 1993, Moon KH coached at Beijing Wu Shu Institute. Achieving high scores at Beijing City Wu Shu Competition several times, she went on to train and teach in twenty some countries. Students taught by Moon KH went on to become gold medalist in Olympic, European Wu Shu Championship and International Wu Shu Championships.


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