Saturday 12/19/2020

Serena who is the brave girl takes the effort and facing the challenge to achieve the level that is the best gift of the year!

Look back from the shut down, she never gave up and kept training and training... even though she didn’t adapt the virtual class but she was trying to get over and asking private classes to be able to improve!

Serena was extraordinary at the test! The best part was that Serena kicked two pieces of wood in half at the same time! Also, Serena’s forms were amazing!

This test was also the first outside test! She did great with the level of power!

Congrats on Serena for getting her blue black belt on the last class of 2020!

There is no gain without paying! She paying the time and sweating she deserves the best!

12/12/2020 was SKZ Kungfu Studio last testing group of the year.

Eddie Fu New Level Bleu Black Belt

Gabriela Steinhoff New Level Blue Black Belt

Nathalie Stark New Level Yellow Belt

Andy Xu New Level Yellow Belt

Ethan Zhao New Level Purple Black Belt

Odin Maxwell New Level Orange Belt

Kevin Ji New Level Orange Belt

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