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2024 SKZ Branch Enlighten Summer Camp Week 2

We have just finished our second week of Summer Camp at Enlighten Chinese School. Enlighten Chinese School is a facility that serves the purpose of teaching children Chinese, and also teaches Chinese culture while also enabling Chinese children to comfortably integrate into the US. We have been working with Enlighten Chinese School for a long time and have been giving children a healthy means of exercise along with giving them a glimpse into the culture that is Kungfu.


In general, students in the Summer Camp program learn standard beginner level Kungfu techniques learned at the white belt level. They are taught basic kicks, punches, and simple self-defense techniques. They are also taught more fundamental life skills involving etiquette, posture, and communication.


Every week, there is a different themed routine to be learned. This week, we have been learning and practicing the Kungfu Flag. Everyone was surprised to hear how loud the flag was as it waved through the air. The form has been adapted specifically to be learned quickly and efficiently. As a result, the form was easy for beginner level students to learn.


Much like last week this week also included five students and one TA. This week, the TA was very involved, and played a major role as a caretaker helping the younger students comfortable integrate into the Kungfu class. Our students enjoyed waving the flag around and playing Kungfu related games. One of the younger students took a while to warm-up to the Kungfu class but became completely comfortable by the second day.


By the end of the week, everyone had fun and was able to perform their flag routine without much issue. Some students were too young to perform perfectly, but the amount they were able to do within 5 days is very impressive. Great Job everyone!


We look forward to our next week of Summer Camp at Enlighten!


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