SKZ 12th Anniversary Letter Of Gratitude


We would like to express our gratitude to both SKZ students and the parents who support them everyday. Thank you for attending the 12th Anniversary of SKZ and helping make the event a great success. Without an audience, there would not be a show and without students, there would be no teachers. We appreciate your respect and curiosity to learn more about Chinese and Kung Fu culture.

Thank you to the volunteers who helped with setting up, catering, organizing, announcing and cleaning up for the event. The event went off without any issues thanks to your help from behind the scenes. Your aid was a great attribute to why the event was so successful. Because of your help, we could on the performance without needing to worry about exterior tasks and issues.

Thank you to the students who performed at the event. Your performance has broadened the horizons of students and family members who attended as spectators. The results of your performance has resulted in many of our students taking a deeper interest in the many branches of Kung Fu. Your time and effort spent training has resulted with you becoming role models for many students who wish to follow the same path as you.

The performance and overall event was a major success. During the performance, the audience was silent in awe of the spectacle before them. They enjoyed a great performance, calligraphy from the Grand Master, a video tour of the tour through China and the international potluck. We can only get better with time. Next year look forward to a greater performance.


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