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SKZ’s First National Tournament After COVID-19

Since the pandemic circumstance, this is Our SKZ competition team for the 1st time to attend the annual Golden State International Wushu Championships, contained 8 members, who competed in many different events.

The tournament was hosted over the weekend, from September 2nd-3rd, starting at 9 AM. In the weeks leading up to the tournament, each student practiced extensively to improve and perfect their performance, so they could do their absolute best.

Many obstacles were faced, including minor injuries and changes made to the forms, but each was overcome. Saturday saw our three younger members competing in their events, with our youngest team winning: 1- gold, 2-silvers, 3-bronzes.

On the following Sunday, it was time for our teenage members to compete, with several overlapping events that resulted in the team running between stages in order to cheer on our next competitor.

With our teenage members winning: 5 - golds, 3 - silvers, 4 - Bronzes Overall, this Tournament was a very valuable learning experience that allowed our students to receive feedback on their forms and understand how Kungfu competitions are judged and scored.

It provides much opportunity for reflection on yourself and for learning from others.

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